Monday, 15 August 2011

The way forward

As a historian and art dealer I find it very worrying that our heritage is being eroded at such a rate. Before long Britain and the rest of the World will be void of any ancient artefacts as most will be held in the secure vaults of the various museums, never to be seen again. It would be far better if some of these objects stayed in private collections, where they could seen and displayed by all.
I know I’ve harked on about what I feel is wrong with our system for far too long, and have now realised the errors of my ways. Firstly metal detecting has been a significant factor in rescuing many of our lost treasures, and with modern farming methods much would have been lost forever. We can only admire the success of for their contribution to record our knowledge of our past, and promote high standards in recording. Archaeologist who look at the past through rose tinted spectacles, need to adapt to modern methods and become more cost effective, by employing many of those faceless people who have helped find Britain’s lost past.